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Here we are on a planet we call Earth, joined by over 8 billion other human beings and numerous other plant and animal species who somehow ended up here as well. We are born, raised, and are now somewhere in our life cycle between birth and our demise. For most, we live life largely consisting of a routine of work, responsibilities (e.g., family), play, and then we ultimately grow old and die. What we do know is that we have this life. Therefore, how can we make the most of this life experience? The answer in part comes from discovering who we are and in a way that allows us to grow and become our full potential as a person, parent, lover, friend, employee, athlete, or whoever & whatever we choose to be in our life.

Our goal and purpose here is to engage with YOU in open & candid conversation for those interested in finding greater levels of meaning, purpose, love and joy, the ingredients often associated with living a great life. Life Mastery is about developing a strong psychological foundation (Personal Growth), an understanding and definition of who we are and want to be (Self-Discovery), and ultimately an understanding of life itself, why we are here, and what lies beyond (Enlightenment). With this awareness and understanding we can; 1) achieve higher levels of happiness, 2) contemplate the deeper questions about life, 3) discover who we truly are and your path in life, 4) deal better with the challenges we confront in life, 5) grow to become our full potential, and then, 6) use our gifts to help others grow, the ultimate feeling of meaning and satisfaction.

A Primer: The Journey of PERSONAL GROWTH, Self-Discovery & ENLIGHTENMENT

Our growth is often stimulated by pain and suffering, a disatisfaction with how our life is progressing and the negative consequences we continue to experience. This is followed by a choice, a choice to be a victim to our circumstances and blaming the world for not making us happy, or a choice to take charge of our life, and confront those aspects of our life that is holding us back. The growth journey begins with our “Personal Growth” where we develop our self-esteem and self-image, while converting our unhealthy beliefs into healthy ones. We learn courage and to like ourselves.

For those that are drawn to grow further, the stage of “Self-Discovery” deepens our introspective journey to examine and reshape our beliefs, values, and definitions of success and happiness. We learn to be authentic to who we are. Some are drawn much deeper as we contemplate life itself and how we fit in. We learn our purpose, driven by living a meaningful and giving life. We self-actualize by being who we truly are as we pursue our “Enlightenment”. Listen to the video below for more on this topic.

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Award Winning Book On Personal Growth & Self-Discovery

An Award Winning Book (Balboa Press, Amazon Books)
"Discoveirng Michael: An Inspirational Story and Guide to Personal Growth & Self-Discovery" is an inspirational guide for those interested in personal growth & self-discovery. It provides you with an understanding of the growth journey from the "person in the hot seat” perspective.

Kirkus Indie Review: "A deeply sincere and powerful guide for those in search of self-actualization."

Amazon Review: "An enlightening story about the tough realities one faces in life and great methods for how to best deal with them."

Personal Growth, Self-Discovery & Enlightenment for Leaders
"Leadership From The Inside Out: Building Your Leadership Foundation"
 The most powerful learning from my years of research and facilitation on leadership development, along with my own aspiration to be a great leader, is that truly great leaders operate from a strong moral compass and personal foundation, which I refer to as the Leadership Foundation. This includes Self Awareness (your sails), strong Personal Beliefs & Values (your rudder) and a powerful understanding of their Purpose (your compass).I realized that there is a critical gap in how we currently develop our leaders.
Amazon Review: This book is a refreshing change from the conceptual to the practical. I found myself thinking about the “leaders” I have worked for and with over my career and how I felt and how productive I was in each situation. The author does a great job distilling down to the true essence of leadership. This book is a roadmap for personal discovery and a journey to a better leader with personal stories to reinforce the points. Well done!
The Ripple Effect

Stories from those on the path of Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment, & Self-Discovery. A collection of people, like you and me, who had the calling and inspiration to understand life, discover their uniqueness and gifts, answer deep and profound questions, and find their way. Their stories describe their journey and key learnings along with how these had an influence on how they lived their life and the impact they had on others. It is indeed the Ripple Effect we all have when we come to discover and become our unique and wonderful self and share our gifts and abilities with others.


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My WORDPRESS BLOG features posts on many topics related to personal growth & self-discovery, what the journey is like, tips to consider, and more. No sugar coating, just open & candid conversation! 
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