Growing Our Human Potential

A stellar career as an educator, coach, and leader where I realized my passion and purpose is to help others grow and to become their full potential. It was my own personal transformation that helped me to realize the changes that we can make to overcome challenges and become our full potential. The growth began by overcoming a traumatic past, using “Personal Growth” to identify the unhealthy beliefs I had formed which were holding me back in addition to developing my self-esteem and self-image. I would later realize that deep within me was an innate need to grow as a human being. A period of “Self-Discovery” was used to take a deeper look within to determine my core values, beliefs, and new definitions of success and happiness. But it did not stop here. Ultimately my search was about understanding life and how I fit in, focusing on purpose, and meaning, entering the stage of “Enlightenment”.




My quest now is to help others discover this potential within their own life. The focus is to challenge, inspire and guide others to take that hard look within to identify what is holding them back from being their full potential and to find new meaning, purpose, and direction in life. Check out my work including talks, workshops, books, blog, podcast, and YouTube channels. Your potential is a result of the awareness you gain, the personal goals you develop, and the choices you make! Personal Growth, Self-Discovery and Enlightenment is the process used to get you there!!




The following video is from a presentation I delivered based on a decision to leave Corporate America in my thirties, for a backpack and a zest to travel and volunteer across the globe to disover the meaning of life. It was based on a Native American ritual known as the Vision Quest, where young members left the comforts of their home and surroundings to learn about life and how they fit in. The result was often a significant change in perspective about self and life. Their new name was often the result of their vision they experienced. The movie, Dances with Wolves, is a great portrayel of this. So I invite you to sit back and enjoy a 2.5 hour summary of this experience filled with storytelling and conclusions.