Growing Our Human Potential

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discovering michael: an inpsirational guide to personal growth & self-discovery

Discovering Michael is an inspirational guide for those interested in personal growth & self-discovery. It provides you with an understanding from a “users” perspective of what the journey is like, along with the “tools” available to help you achieve your personal goals. Mostly, I hope, this will be a catalyst and inspiration for your own growth, a decision to take that long and hard look within to identify and change those unhealthy beliefs about yourself and of life itself. Discovering Michael is a guide filled with bits of wisdom and suggestions to help you find and experience the love, meaning and happiness you deserve in your life!


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leadership from the inside out: building your leadership foundation

The most powerful learning from my years of research and facilitation on leadership development, along with my own aspiration to be a great leader, is that truly great leaders operate from a strong moral compass and personal foundation, which I refer to as the Leadership Foundation. This includes Self Awareness (your sails), strong Personal Beliefs & Values (your rudder) and a powerful understanding of their Purpose (your compass).I realized that there is a critical gap in how we currently develop our leaders. Traditional leadership development focuses on developing specific competencies and behaviors such as active listening, coaching, strategic planning, etc. It was evident that the primary motivation for most of the participants attending leadership development courses was to put a check on their checklist, work their development plan, or just to complete the training, not on applying what was learned. The gap relates to first understanding our motivation which is what drives our behaviors versus the behaviors themselves. Closing this gap requires that we take a hard look within to examine and understand our attitude, beliefs, values, and purpose to identify what our true motivation is.

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