Growing Our Human Potential

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Are you yearning to wake up each morning with a sense of meaning, purpose, love, and joy? Welcome, everyone, I’m Michael McGinnis, an award-winning author, speaker, and educator on human potential, your host on “U Can Do It” – “Inspiring Growth – Igniting Potential!” Life presents us with challenges that serve as catalysts for growth. The pivotal question is: How do we respond to these challenges, or better said, opportunities? Do we adopt a victim mindset or rise to become victors? Our goal here is to guide and inspire you to master the most amazing journey you have – YOUR LIFE! It’s a journey of Personal & Spiritual Growth, Self-Discovery, and Enlightenment. Whether you seek to heal your past, transcend limiting beliefs, unlock your true potential, or uncover greater levels of meaning, understanding, purpose, love, and direction in your life, our show will engage you with open and candid conversations featuring the ingredients to becoming your full potential! Stay tuned as we make a profound impact on your universe.

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