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Tom Sawyer – Revisited

Tom SawyerAnd if you thought that the classic tale of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn was good, wait until you hear the modern day adventure of Tom Sawyer from upstate New York.

I first made the acquaintance of Tom at a gathering of spiritual minded people in Geneseo, NY. All of the talk about “New Age” stuff was interesting but a little strange. I kept some distance but retained an open mind. In the evening, everyone was talking about attending a talk by Tom Sawyer. Outside of the classic tale, I had never heard of him. So I decided to sit and listen in.

Tom Sawyer 2He introduced himself as a simple man. A blue collar worker who worked for the City’s Department of Public Works. Something about him was captivating from the beginning. He was real with no agenda, other than to share an amazing experience – his Near-Death Experience!

I had never heard of a NDE before. He expressed a lot of emotion as he spoke of the light. It was in many ways a classic tale of a NDE including the tunnel and an encounter with the light (all knowledge, all unconditional love). But the detail he shared was unparalleled. He put everything in simple terms. I am not sure if I even blinked during his talk. I was tuned in.

Tom Sawyer BookThis experience seemed like what I was searching for in terms of defining the broader context of life, the concept of God, etc. It made sense. However, I remained skeptical for a while but intrigued. I decided to read more on this topic. I couldn’t read enough of these books and stories.

Over the years I came to know Tom on a personal level, along with his family. He was so much fun to be around since he was so simple and uncomplicated. He woke up and went to work each day, even after his experience. I experienced his “psychic” nature first hand, which helped me open to this ability. I shared several of these experiences in my book.

So if you are searching for some understanding about life or as I would call it, spirituality, consider reading some of the material on Near Death Experiences. It is truly mind-blowing stuff.

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