Growing Our Human Potential

Celebrating Mom from 37K

MomTraveling across country today and taking advantage of internet in the sky. A unique vantage point as I reflect on Mom’s everywhere. In particular I am thinking of those whose day may not be as great as their peers.

So much of my work has been in understanding and overcoming the adversity of this life. I have come to the conclusion that this is in large part what this life here is all about. It is about the struggle. I believe it is the struggle that provides us with the opportunity to grow.

Mom2I think of my own Mom who died from cancer when I was 15, after a two-year bout with breast cancer. This makes me think of all the Mom’s out there who are suffering from some disease and unable to be there like they would want to be for their family and children. I think of those Mom’s who are single Mom’s and bearing the weight of raising children on their own. In addition are those Mom’s who are in the hospital today with a child who is sick or has a terrible disease. I think of those Mom’s who have been abused, sexually assaulted, or otherwise victimized.

Regardless of the belief that there is value and meaning to the struggle, this is a moment to share my compassion and understanding to the pain that Moms have to endure at times. It is my opportunity to send love to you with the hopes that you endure the struggle as I did and find a stronger person and discover the magnificence that you are. You may not feel like that today, but just know that there are others out there who appreciate your strength and incredible ability to withstand adversity to care for your children.

Mom3Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

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