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It’s The Personality That Evolves, Not The Soul

I referred to a quote from a Near Death Experiencer and now deceased dear friend, Tom Sawyer. He stated,  “All souls are equal at the soul level. Yet some say, he’s a highly evolved soul. The soul doesn’t evolve, the personality does.”

This was profound for me to hear, and helped to address one of the questions I had about the purpose of life here on Earth. I believe that we are all cut from the same cloth, or share in common a soul, spirit or however you may want to refer to this higher aspect of self. So how could perfection, which I will define here as the soul, be anything less than perfect? How could something that is already perfect evolve? Tom’s comment helped me to differentiate between our soul, and our earthly or physical being, our personality.

Higher Self 3


I found the above image on Google Images reference another WordPress post (click here to view). It is a simple yet profound way of visualizing my thoughts. The Universal is what would consider to be the greater concept of God, All-Knowing, the ocean that we are all a part of. We are born into self which includes our higher self (soul) and our physical self, made up of our personality and characteristics such as ego, intellect, etc.

I have come to believe that our purpose here is in part to learn how to align the two, our higher self (soul) and our earthly being (personality). The path to align these two is personal growth and self-discovery. The outcome of this journey is greater self-awareness and acceptance which is the primary way we bring self into alignment. The more we are aligned, the more we operate from our higher self, which produces greater levels of peace, serenity, fulfillment, and happiness.

HigherSelf 2We come to know our personality including our strengths, our development areas, and learn how to accept ourselves for who we are. When we practice what our soul teaches, which is unconditional love, we attain greater levels of enlightenment. The key is to learn how to unconditionally love who we are, even with all of our flaws and issues. From this we heal, we accept self, using our self-awareness to catch our tendencies and reactions, and to gently bring these back into alignment.

The question remains why are we even here? Why “descend” from a state of perfection to experience such a roller coaster of emotions and experiences, only to return to a state of perfection? I have views on this, but this still remains a great mystery to me. I am working now on a presentation to share some humble thoughts on this. Exciting thoughts to contemplate. Regardless of the reason, what I do know is that the unique personality, currently known as Michael James, is at this moment still alive and still working on bringing into alignment several key aspects of self.

Higher Self

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